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last edited: 9. June 03

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  • This is the homepage of Doc What`s Up.

    What is Doc What`s Up?

    Doc What`s Up is a bug profiling and reporting tool. You can implement it in your application and in case of an error, DWU collects informations about the current machine state, environmental details and further specified aspects.

    The created BugProfile can be send by mail from inside your application without further programs.
    This leads to an automated bug management and finally a better product ;)

    What about its features?

  • A small interface
  • Smooth dialogs
  • Different mail formats
  • A mailing mechanism that prevents rendundancy
  • A statistical panel, called Black Board, that can be embedded in your about dialog (or elsewhere)
  • The possibility to ship it with a default mailing configuration: no need for the user to setup something, it works out of the box (even if there`s no box .. hehe)
  • If the default configuration doesn`t work, a setup wizard helps to setup the mail configuration
  • Imports mail settings from mozilla and netscape
  • Which mail formats does it currently support?
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  • Plain text
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  • 2003 June 3: Doc What`s Up registered

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