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  • The ReportPaneThe Report Pane

    This pane is part of the BugDialog, which can be shown if an error occures. It informs the user about the error and enables him to report the error from within the dialog.

    As you can see, you can setup the mailing configuration (remember that you can provide a default configuration to avoid that), add a comment and send the bug report.

    A Setup StepThe Setup Wizard

    The SetupDialog helps the user to setup a custom mail configuration. It divided in different steps and provides some explanation for each requested property.
    This Wizard can also import the settings from Mozilla or Netscape 4/6.

    The BlackBoardThe BlackBoard Pane

    The BlackBoard is a statistical pane that can be embedded whereever you like. It summarises the mail configuration and the number of stored/reported bugs.
    You can reconfigure the mail settings and send the queued BugProfiles.

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